Tips For Getting Out Of Jail After An Arrest

Even if you've never been arrested before, it's in your best interest to understand your options for getting out of jail. Once you've actually been arrested, it's too late to go looking for tips to deal with it. In addition to gathering the names of a few criminal lawyers so that you have someone to call, here are a few ways for you to possibly secure your release.

Appearance Tickets

When you've been arrested for a minor offense or a misdemeanor, you may be able to secure an appearance ticket in exchange for your release. The appearance ticket is a formal notice that you are required to appear in court. It will include the court date and time for you to answer to the charges.

In most cases, it's easiest to obtain an appearance ticket and subsequent release if you're cooperative and respectful when dealing with the officer in question. In addition, you should provide some evidence of your stable employment, home ownership, and other community ties. If the officer has the authority to issue an appearance order in lieu of holding you over for arraignment, these things can help you make your case for it.

Judge's Release

If the arresting officer doesn't have the authority to issue an appearance ticket in your area, you'll have to appear in front of the judge. In that case, your attorney can ask for your release. You'll have to sign a paper that certifies your agreement to appear for your court date when it arrives.

In most situations, you or your attorney will have to show the judge that you have a stable job, a home, relationships in the community, and other things that will prevent you from running.

Post Bail

If the judge doesn't agree to release you, your attorney will request bail. When the bail amount is set, it's then up to you to find a way to pay it. Your family can visit a bail bondsman if you have collateral enough to support the amount or pay the bail amount in cash if you have the funds accessible.

When you're released on bail, you'll have to appear in court on your hearing date. If you fail to appear, a bench warrant will be issued for your arrest and your bail will be revoked. Make sure you understand the terms of your release clearly and show up for any court dates, appointments, and other meetings. If you have not yet retained an attorney, contact a law office like Larson, Latham, Huettl Attorneys.