5 Scenarios You Should Consult with an Environmental-Law Attorney About During Business Development

Even though environmental law is one sect of the profession that does not get a lot of recognition, these highly trained professionals consistently work behind the scenes and hand-in-hand with government officials to ensure laws that protect nature are followed. As a business owner who currently has your property under development, you may think that hiring an attorney at all would be a bit premature. However, there are a handful of scenarios through the business-development process that should alert you to go ahead and reach out to an environmental-law attorney for advice. 

Your business will be using large amounts of local resources. 

If your business property will require you to use thousands of gallons of water, either city provided or natural, it is best to get in touch with an attorney for advice. There are regulations and ordinances in place where water and other natural-resource consumption is concerned in business development and operation. Your need for these natural resources could have an effect on the environment and the surrounding residents. 

Your business could contribute to air pollution. 

Primarily in the construction or manufacturing industries, air pollution is a big deal. However, if your business is less large-scale, you may assume that small levels of exhaust from a single piece of equipment is really no big deal. But it really can be. Even the slightest amount of air pollution could lead you to hefty fines from the Environmental Protection Agency and even threaten the livelihood of your business.

Your business will be implemented close to protected land areas.

In some rural areas, national forests and other wildlife reserves can pretty much border the entire business district, and that can make it more complicated to erect a business at all. If you have a plot of land where you plan to build your business, make sure you consult with an environmental-law attorney to keep your building and development practices in line with local guidelines and prohibitions.  

Your business is associated with any form of toxic waste. 

It is not uncommon for a business owner to be responsible for a major toxic-waste contamination in a natural area and not even realize it. This is partially due to the fact that many business owners don't have a good grasp on just how common toxic waste is and where it can come from. If anything expelled by your business in the form of trash, waste, or byproduct is considered a toxin, it will always be in your best interest to have an attorney familiar with environmental laws and regulations. 

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