Don't Fall For These 5 Car Wreck Myths

If you've been hurt through no fault of your own, then you may be so busy dealing with your injury and wrecked car that you push any thoughts of pursuing a personal injury case aside. Some people listen to others as they detail their experiences after a wreck and this can create false assumptions. These assumptions could end up causing you to miss out on compensation. If you deserve to be paid money damages because of a car wreck, avoid believing the following personal injury myths at all costs.

1. It can take a very long time to get paid for the wreck.

Some personal injury cases do linger on for years, particularly those that involve complicated accidents, but the vast majority of cases settle in a few weeks or months. The sooner you seek help from a lawyer the sooner your financial situation will change for the better.

2. You feel bad for making that nice driver pay anything.

Unless the other guy had no insurance and has assets, then they are not likely to be impacted financially. It is their insurance company who has to pay, not they themselves and that is what insurance is for. You and the other driver have paid for years for just such an occurrence and now is the time to utilize that insurance.

3. You have insurance, so you don't also need an attorney.

When it comes to a car wreck lawyers aren't just an option, they are necessary. Insurance companies are not on your side, and their sole purpose is to pay you as little as they can. Having legal help ensures that you won't get ripped off by the insurance company.

4. Your injuries are so minor that you'll just let the insurance company handle it.

If you've had any medical treatment lately, then you already know how expensive even a minor issue can be to deal with. Insurance companies will often try to minimize your injuries in an attempt to pay you less, often leaving you to pay some of the cost yourself. You are entitled to be paid for every single medical expense including any future predicted costs so don't sell yourself short and pay for something that should be provided to you.

5. You don't realize that you must take action by a certain date.

All states have a time limit on filing cases for personal injuries, and it can be as little as a year. If you fail to act then your case will stand zero chances of success, so speak to a car accident lawyer at your earliest convenience.