Three Tips For Retracing Your Steps With Criminal Cases

Finding out that you have been accused of a crime can send you into a daze. Though it can be easy to shut down in order to mentally escape, it is important for you to be in the game while figuring out your case. As soon as you find out your charges, you should get a criminal attorney, like those at Daniels Long & Pinsel, to represent you in the case. After you hire an attorney, the two of you will need to start retracing all of your steps in order to figure out what you were charged with and how to fight the charges. Here are some ways to retrace your steps. 

Look back over your phone and computer records.

One of the easiest ways to prove where you were and what you were doing is through GPS on your devices. Most people always have their cellular phone on their person at one time or another. You can personally request your own phone GPS records to go over. Most computers also have a type of GPS as well as a log of all of your actions. If you were on your computer at the time you were accused of the crime, you will be able to prove that you were at the location of your computer during the time of the logs. 

Get as many witnesses as possible.

It is best to find witnesses who saw you at your true location as quickly as possible. Memories can get hazy as time goes on. Collect the people that you were with that night, and get them to write down a statement. Your lawyer may insist that this statement is notarized in order to hold up in court. If you were in any public places, you should check to see if they have security cameras. Some tapes are only stored for 24 hours to a few days, so you want to get a copy of the tapes with the time and your ongoings as soon as possible. 

Try to get the charges dropped.

Instead of having to go through a lengthy court battle in order to prove your innocence, you and your attorney should start by trying to get the charges dropped. Charges can be dropped if there is not enough evidence to prove that you have committed the crime that you are accused of. Go over your case with a fine tooth comb, and figure out what you can request be dropped before you get to the beginning of the trial phase.