Need To Make Changes? 4 Mistakes To Avoid When Involved In A Custody Dispute

Dealing with custody disputes can be stressful. When you're going through them, you want to do everything you can to resolve them as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, there are some actions that can have adverse affects on your attempts for a speedy resolution. Those actions can even result in a resolution that's not in your favor. To help ensure a resolution that is best for you and your child, here are four actions you should avoid at all costs when involved in a custody dispute.

Utilize Social Media

When used correctly, social media is a wonderful tool. Unfortunately, many people utilize social media in disruptive ways when they're going to through a custody dispute. If you're battling your ex for custody of your minor children, you want to avoid utilizing social media in a negative manner. Your ex's legal team could be monitoring everything you post on your social media pages. Disparaging or negative comments about your ex could end up being used against you in court. To prevent that, never post anything negative about your ex on your social media pages – even for a moment. It only takes a moment for someone to screenshot or share your comments.

Refuse Current Orders

If you're involved in a custody dispute, it might seem like a good idea to refuse the current orders. You might even think about implementing your desired orders before they're made official. However, that's never a good idea. Refusing to comply with current custody orders could put in you at risk for potential legal action. Not only that, but your requests for custody changes may be denied altogether. While you're going through legal proceedings to change custody orders, be sure to comply with the ones that are currently in place.

Move With Your Children

If you've acquired a new job, and need to relocate, wait until you have the official orders from the court. The last thing you want to do is move your children away from the area – especially out of state – without approval and written orders from the court. Moving with your children without legal authorization could put you at risk for losing custody of your children. It could also put you at risk for potential criminal charges. Instead, wait until you have the official go-ahead from the court before moving with your children.

Proceed Without Representation

When it comes to custody disputes, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is proceeding without legal representation. This is particularly true when your ex has already secured their own representation. If you're involved in a custody dispute, or you know that changes need to be made to your current orders, hire a child custody attorney immediately.