The Long-Term Impact Of A DWI Conviction

There are many consequences of receiving a DWI. In the short-term, you'll face time in jail, have your driver's license suspended, and have to pay hefty fines. However, there are many long-term effects as well that you may not have thought of. Consider using a lawyer to fight your DWI accusation so that you can avoid these consequences.

Employment Impact

When you drive while under the influence, know that your actions can impact your current job. If you are sentenced to serve time in jail, that means that you could lose your job as a result. Being away from your job for a significant amount of time can cause your employer to replace you with somebody that doesn't have a criminal record. You may also have community service requirements that can take time away from work and be problematic for maintaining your employment. Do you have a job that has you drive a vehicle? If so, know your DWI conviction can result in losing your job since you won't be allowed to drive for commercial reasons anymore.

Even if you go to find a new job after serving jail time, you could have problems finding employment due to now having a criminal record. It's possible that you'll have a hard time finding an employer willing to take you on as an employee with a history of driving under the influence. 

Financial Impact

You can expect to pay a lot more for certain things after being convicted of a DWI. It will start with paying higher insurance rates since your car insurance provider will now see you as a risky driver. You'll also need to pay for SR22 insurance, which is a kind of insurance for high-risk drivers that will be required. Jail time can also result in lost wages from your job that will quickly add up.

Lost Privileges Impact

That DWI conviction will also make you lose some of the privileges that you had in the past. For instance, you'll not be able to buy a gun or ammunition for it. You can also have travel restrictions to other countries since your criminal record will prevent you from going to places like Canada. 

You shouldn't have to go through these long-term consequences if you can prevent it. Make sure to work with a DWI attorney to help avoid a conviction that you feel you do not deserve.