Personal Injury Attorney: Domestic Disputes

If you're injured in a domestic dispute, the healing process can be complicated. A personal injury lawyer can ensure that your legal rights are protected throughout the process.

Here are some steps to take when you're injured in a domestic dispute.

Safety First

Before you can recover and rebuild your life, you must first look out for your immediate safety. Your personal injury lawyer can help you file restraining orders and take other legal steps to make sure that you're safe throughout the legal process.

  • Restraining Order: Domestic abuse cases involve venerability and the fear of repeated violence. The first step you can take to ensure that you're safe is to file a temporary restraining order. Your personal injury lawyer can help you file this document with the courts and add the specific protections you need. For instance, if you share a home with the perpetrator of the violence, you might not be able to get them removed from your shared living space, but you can prevent them from coming close to you. Additionally, you can ask for harassment relief via phone, text, and social media while your case is being adjudicated.
  • Financial Relief: If you share a bank account or joint assets with the other party involved in a domestic dispute case, your personal injury lawyer can file for financial relief. This court order can allow you to dissolve and separate your joint bank accounts. It can also prevent the other party in the case from liquidating shared assets like property, cars, stocks, bonds, and other valuable items.

Fully Filing

Once your personal and financial safety is protected, your personal injury lawyer can help you file a lawsuit that seeks damages for the true cost of the domestic dispute in question.

  • Health: Although broken bones and bruises will heal, domestic dispute incidences can cause severe health challenges. For instance, if the violence you suffered requires mental health services, you can seek these damages in court. The same is true of physical therapy and other medical services you need to make a full recovery from the violence you endured.
  • Lost Wages: When you're hurt, scared, and forced to pause your life, it can very hard to show up for work. If the domestic dispute forced you to take time off of work and/or cost you a job, your personal injury lawyer can seek compensation for these lost wages.
  • Pain and Suffering: Similar to the lasting health impact related to domestic dispute cases, your personal injury lawyer can help you seek damages for your pain and suffering.

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