Did You Receive A DUI? Know How You Can Fight It In Court

Were you recently given a ticket for DUI and feel that it was undeserved? If so, it will help to know a DUI lawyer can help you fight it in court. 

Challenge The Breathalyzer

Many people assume that the devices used to measure your BAC levels are completely accurate, but they are not always 100% accurate. If you were given a DUI purely based on a breathalyzer test, your lawyer can help you bring in an expert to challenge the accuracy of the test by demonstrating how they are not accurate.

Other factors can be used to challenge the breathalyzer. For example, was the device calibrated before using it? This is an important question to ask in court, and not having a recent calibration can cause doubt about if the test was accurate. If you were given multiple breathalyzer tests, does the officer know the results of all those tests and which one was used? If so, was it the highest or lowest test used to give you a DUI? You could argue that you should be given the benefit of the doubt if any test came back with an acceptable BAC level. 

Challenge The Chain Of Custody Of The Blood Tests

If you were given a DUI based off of your BAC levels from a blood test, then another option is to challenge the chain of custody of your blood test. When you have blood taken and sent to a lab, there must be documentation that shows how your blood sample was taken, how it got to the lab, where it was stored, and how it was tested. If there is a mistake made somewhere in the chain of custody, you could have the results of any blood test suppressed as evidence used against you.

Challenge The Procedures Used To Take A Breathalyzer Or Blood Test

There are certain procedures that must be followed when it comes to having you take a breathalyzer or blood test to determine your BAC levels. It is important to let your lawyer know as many details about what happened, since it's possible that you were illegally coerced into taking the test at the time. If this happened, then your lawyer can help get that evidence surprised because the test was not done properly.

These are just a few ways that a lawyer can help you fight a DUI in court. Reach out to a DUI law firm in your area for more information about how they can help, like Brown & Hilderley PLLC.