How To Avoid Severe Consequences When Facing Rioting Charges

Protesting is a fundamental right of every citizen. However, some activities and conduct when demonstrating can get you in trouble with the authorities. For example, if you give in to provocation and turn violent, the police might arrest and charge you in court. Such an incident can see you face serious consequences if convinced. Below are more instances when you might face the law for rioting and protests and how an attorney can help you avoid severe consequences.  

Instances You Might Face the Law

The law enforcers might arrest for rioting or protesting under certain circumstances. They might include instances when you were in a group demonstration that was disturbing the public. Law enforcers may also apprehend you if you were engaging in violent conduct. These include behaviors that risk other people and property, such as throwing objects, vandalism, or harassing passersby. These crimes can make you face harsh punishment, including a jail sentence of several months. The judge might also order you to pay a fine, which might be very high depending on your offense. Penalties might be higher if someone suffers serious bodily harm because of your actions. That said, you should note that an attorney can challenge these charges.

Measures to Take After an Arrest

An arrest for rioting might seem like a small matter. However, this offense can get you in trouble if the judge finds you guilty. If in such a situation, you can reduce the consequences you might face by taking certain measures. A good example is cooperating with the officers during your arrest. The last thing you want is to resist detention since it could worsen your situation. It is also advisable to remain silent until you contact a criminal law attorney. The police will want to interrogate you to know what happened. That said, they might take what you say out of context, and they can use your statement to strengthen the case.

Legal help may also be essential when the police arrest you for rioting. In such a case, a lawyer dealing with criminal defenses can protect your rights. They will build a strong legal defense to prove that the rioting charges are false or illegitimate. Your lawyer might also argue that the prosecution has not provided enough evidence to support their case. 

As is evident from the information above, rioting can make you face serious consequences if you break the law. Therefore, you want to hire a criminal law attorney to defend you after your arrest. They may be able to get video and other useful evidence to help prove you're not guilty.