Common Personal Injury Falsehoods Put To Rest

After a car accident, many victims are inundated with advice from every angle. Believing the wrong things, though, can harm your chances of personal injury compensation. The below falsehoods are just a few examples of beliefs that could cause you problems.

The Insurer Is Fair

Many victims are glad that the driver that caused their accident was insured. While that is certainly a good thing, this fact alone is not enough. The insurer may not offer you what you deserve, for one thing. Unfortunately, many victims that believe this falsehood never consult with a personal injury lawyer. They end up agreeing to a low settlement that leaves plenty of money on the table. Speak to a lawyer to know how much you should get and let them negotiate with the insurer on your behalf.

Court Cases Take Too Long

It can take longer to litigate a vehicle accident case. However, many personal injury cases don't ever make it to court. Almost all accident cases are settled. When you settle, you can be paid in a few weeks, depending on your medical condition. If you are seriously injured, it might take a few months to know how your injury will resolve. Talk to a personal injury lawyer about settling your case so that you don't have to wait too long.

The Other Driver Seems Too Nice to Be At-Fault

Auto insurance covers accidents—that is what it was invented to do. You won't, in most cases, be taking action against the other driver personally. The accident may still affect them through higher insurance rates but that would happen whether you act or not. Nice people cause accidents all the time so don't focus so much on the other driver and focus on the ways the accident has impacted your life.

Your Injuries Are Insignificant

You are fortunate if your injuries are minor, however, you are still injured and deserve compensation. If you have physical injuries and sought medical treatment for them, you have an accident claim to pursue. Be sure to monitor your health in the weeks after your accident for delayed injuries and seek medical help right away. Soft tissue injuries like sprains, pulls, tears, and whiplash injuries can be slow to appear but are covered, nevertheless.

Speak to a personal injury lawyer if you have any questions about the above or anything else. Most will speak to you free of charge and evaluate your case. 

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