What Can Lead To Emotional Distress During Treatment And How Can You Hold Your Doctor Accountable For Your Suffering?

You have the right to sue offenders who cause you to suffer emotional distress by their negligent acts. This includes healthcare providers who cause mental anguish because of medical malpractice. Nonetheless, discussing your case with a lawyer before taking legal steps is advisable to ascertain whether you have an actionable claim. Once you do, your legal advisor might recommend that you file a lawsuit against your doctor if the following issues contributed to your problem:

Issues That May Lead to Emotional Distress During Treatment

You must demonstrate that the doctor's negligent actions led to your emotional distress to receive compensation for your suffering. Some reasons to seek compensation include the removal of a healthy body part, e.g., a healthy kidney instead of a sick one. If this happens, the patient might be forced to live on dialysis until a donor is found with a matching kidney. This can result in significant emotional suffering that may affect multiple aspects of life.

You can also take legal action against a doctor who overlooked test results that, if studied and acted upon, could have led to the detection and treatment of cancer cells before they spread to other body parts. Additionally, you can sue a pediatrician if they prescribed an adult dose of medicine instead of providing your child with the correct dose required for their condition. In a case like this, you can take legal action for suffering due to your kid's anguish. You can also file a lawsuit against a pediatrician if your child loses their life due to the doctor's negligence and the loss causes you emotional distress. Even so, you must have proof showing that your doctor's carelessness was the cause.

Notably, your lawyer will advise you to seek medical care as soon as you observe signs of mental or emotional problems. This will enable you to get a medical report that your lawyer can utilize to support your claim.

Taking Legal Action Against a Negligent Doctor

Healthcare professionals have a legal responsibility to provide medical services that meet the required standards. Therefore, if your doctor provides you with substandard service, you can take legal action and obligate them to compensate you. For instance, you can sue your doctor if their violation of duty leads to mental anguish. In such a case, your lawyer can help prepare and file a suit against the offender. The legal practitioner will then represent you throughout your case to help ensure that the doctor faces justice for their negligence and compensates you for your suffering.

If a doctor's carelessness makes you suffer emotional distress, you may have a right to sue them. To this end, a medical malpractice lawyer can help obtain the information needed to hold the physician accountable and prove that you require compensation. Contact a medical malpractice lawyer to learn more.