One Common Way People Unintentionally Commit Bankruptcy Fraud

In many respects, filing for bankruptcy is a straightforward process. You file the petition, attend all required meetings, and wait for the discharge to go through. However, there are a lot of rules that must be followed to protect all parties involved in the proceedings, and a person can unintentionally commit bankruptcy fraud if they're not careful. Here's one common way this happens and how you can avoid it. Transferring Assets Prior to Filing

Dealing With An Out-Of-Control Teen? It May Be Time To Involve The Court On Your Own

A lot of parents go through rough times during their children's teenage years, but what do you do when your child seem to be really out of control? At times, it may be necessary to get a lawyer and the courts involved on your own, before your teen does something that makes legal trouble inevitable. Here is what you need to know. Why is it sometimes necessary to involve the courts in a family matter?

Effective Ways To Communicate With A Criminal Defense Attorney When Charged With A Crime For The First Time

One bad day can lead a person who has never been charged with a crime in his or her life ending up in trouble with the law. Accidentally buying stolen merchandise, getting into an argument that turns physical, or even just mistakenly trespassing may lead to charges. Not knowing how to deal with the situation can become overwhelming due to the resulting worry and confusion. Contacting a criminal defense lawyer, such as Ewbank & Kramer​, is absolutely advisable in order to procure the best counsel and representation.

What Is A Misdemeanor And How Does It Affect You Long-Term

Some people don't understand the seriousness of being arrested, especially if the charges are minor. However, anytime you're arrested, you need to consider it a serious situation. Sure, felony convictions are way worse than misdemeanor charges, but a misdemeanor charge can also affect your life long-term. Learn more about what misdemeanors are and how even a single charge can affect your future. What Crimes Are Considered Misdemeanors? Crimes are divided into three separate offense levels: an infraction, a misdemeanor, and a felony.

Holding The Power: What To Know About The Four Main Types Of Powers Of Attorney

Most people hear the term "power of attorney" (POA) frequently, but don't give much thought to exactly what it means or know that there are many different types of powers of attorney available. The legal documents and what they bestow upon the named person (the agent) are indeed very powerful, so read on to learn more about the four most often used powers of attorney and when they are used.

3 Things Every Homeowner Should Do To Protect Themselves From A Lawsuit

Lawsuits happen everyday. Even if you are doing everything that you can to avoid crossing someone, you can never be sure that you won't be sued. This is why it is important to make sure that you are doing everything that you can to protect yourself. There are some things that you should do to ensure that you are protected in case you are sued. Here are some things you should do.

Personal Injury Medical Terminology You Should Know

When it comes to medical negligence or medial personal injury cases, there are certain terms used that can throw you off. The more you know about the case, the more you can help your lawyer win. Here are the main medical terminologies you'll need to know for a personal injury case. Herniated Discs This is a back injury that usually occurs in automobile accidents and slip/fall cases. The spine is made up of discs in between the vertebrae.

Injured By A Defective Product? 3 Things You Need To Know About Product Liability Claims

When it comes to the products you purchase, you expect them to operate the way that they were intended to. Sometimes, through no fault of your own, you purchase a defective product. Most of the time, a defective product merely causes varying degrees of aggravation. However, there are times when a defective product leads to serious injuries, or even fatalities. If you've been injured by a defective product, you need to contact an attorney as soon as possible.

Tackling Child Transfers While You Are Separated

Many married couples enter into a trial separation period before filing for divorce. This separation gives each spouse time to consider whether or not making the marriage work is a priority without being forced to confront the other spouse on a daily basis. If you are separated and have children, it's important that you and your spouse both maintain visitation rights throughout the separation period. Transferring children can be stressful, but here are three things you can do to ensure your child transfers go smoothly in the future.

5 Scenarios You Should Consult with an Environmental-Law Attorney About During Business Development

Even though environmental law is one sect of the profession that does not get a lot of recognition, these highly trained professionals consistently work behind the scenes and hand-in-hand with government officials to ensure laws that protect nature are followed. As a business owner who currently has your property under development, you may think that hiring an attorney at all would be a bit premature. However, there are a handful of scenarios through the business-development process that should alert you to go ahead and reach out to an environmental-law attorney for advice.

Four Ways To Speed Up The Probate Process For Your Loved Ones

As you make plans to put your affairs in order, you may want to devote some thought to what will happen to your estate in the weeks and months following your passing. Transferring an estate, even when everything is in order, can take months or years of intensive legal bureaucracy to resolve, leaving your loved ones waiting for resources they may need urgently. If you would like to spare your loved ones the pain of a tangled legal system after your passing, now is the time to consult with a probate attorney to ensure that transfer of your assets are as straightforward as possible.

Factors Determining Whether A Livestock Owner Is Liable For A Car-Livestock Crash

Crashing your car into a livestock can lead to serious injuries or even fatalities. Therefore, any claim arising out of such an accident should be taken seriously. If you are involved in a car-livestock accident, one of the first things you would want to know is whether the owner of the livestock is liable for your damages. Here are two factors that should guide you on your quest: Negligence Negligence plays a big role in almost every accident case.

Facing Charges? The Four Levels Of Criminal Offense

There are different levels of criminal offenses that you can be charged with. Here is a quick guide to the different levels of criminal offense that one could be charged with. #1 Ordinances The first and lowest level of criminal charge that you can face is an ordinance. Every city, state, and township has its own specific laws that they enforce and in legal terms these laws are referred to as ordinances.

Strategies For Staying Safe While Divorcing A Controlling Spouse

Divorce is an especially stressful time in your life that can be further complicated by your soon-to-be ex-spouse's controlling nature. To stay safe during this tumultuous time in your life, there are some time-tested strategies that you can use, including the following: Keep Your Cell Phone with You at All Times Whether you are at work, at your child's school, or even locked safely inside of your home, you should always have your cell phone within arm's reach.

Liability And Compensation In A Construction Injury Accident

If a construction injury accident occurs, who is the one at fault? Would the injured person be able to claim compensation? Unfortunately, this is not a question with one right or wrong answer as the answer varies depending on the individual circumstances. Who to Hold Liable Whether the incident involved a worker or a member of the public, there are various people who may be held liable for the accident. These people include contractors, site landowners, construction managers, material suppliers, and anybody else involved in the project.

What Happens When A Warrant Is Issued For Your Arrest

If you are in situations where a warrant has been issued for your arrest, here is what is going to happen to you. #1 Charges Will Be Issued Charges can be issued against you before you are even arrested. For example, if you are involved in stealing PIN numbers and using that to steal people's financial information, after an investigation, charges can be brought against you and then a warrant can be issued for your arrest.

Tips For Handling Your Disability Claim Psychological Consultation

When you're applying for Social Security Disability, your case manager may request that you attend a consultative exam with a psychologist. If so, you may be wondering what to expect from the process. Here are a few tips to help you understand the process and protect your interests. Keeping Your Own Records In the week leading up to your appointment, take time to write down the symptoms, struggles, and problems that you experience.

Tips For Getting Out Of Jail After An Arrest

Even if you've never been arrested before, it's in your best interest to understand your options for getting out of jail. Once you've actually been arrested, it's too late to go looking for tips to deal with it. In addition to gathering the names of a few criminal lawyers so that you have someone to call, here are a few ways for you to possibly secure your release. Appearance Tickets

Three Routine Questions About Personal Injury Lawsuits Answered

Personal injury lawsuits can be an unfortunate matter that you might need to pursue if you have been injured or suffered damages from the actions of another person. Sadly, it can be difficult for a plaintiff to make sound choices when it concerns these matters due to a lack of experience. By making sure that you are familiar with the answers to some fairly routine questions, you will be better able to make informed legal decisions.

Mixing Business And Abodes: The Legal Issues Of Home Business

For those who've decided to shorten their daily commute to, say, 1 minute, there is likely no going back to the old way. To make sure that your plans for global domination are upfront and legal, read on for can't-miss tips. 1. Check the zoning ordinances. Your neighbors may envy your home business, or even admire you, but just make sure that you don't annoy them or run afoul of your town's zoning ordinances before you begin.

Estate Planning: Things Prince (And You) Should Have Done

When Prince died, his estate was left in a state of the unknown. He didn't plan for his death to happen so soon, and there was no indication of who would be left his wealth and properties. Estate planning is a must, and here's everything he should and done and what you should do too. Make a List of Assets The first thing is to know what you have to leave behind.